911 Real Truth
Answering the Objections of the 9-11 Truth Movement Concerning the Collapse of the World Trade Towers

Nicholas Petersen
September 11, 2010

This article presents a synopsis of and hyperlinks to a number of documents which answer the objections put forth by the 9-11 Truth Movement with regard to the collapse of the World Trade Towers. The 9-11 Truth Movement claims that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America were in fact perpetrated by the American government (or by some para-government agency). Probably the most central plank to their argument is that there is evidence that the Twin Towers in New York city, as well as the adjacent tower 7, were in fact imploded by explosives; but that regardless, the argument is made that these towers could not have plausibly fallen according to the stress they would have experienced according to the “standard view.”

Although many of these objections may seem convincing, I hope you will take a little bit of time to read the following documents which carefully address these objections. Even if you happen to be a die-hard ‘truther,’ let me challenge you that your argument is weak until you can fairly and adequately explain the position of the opposing side. The defense of the ‘standard view’ is cogently and succinctly put forth here, so why not carefully examine what our answers are to your objections?

Although these articles focus narrowly on the question of the collapse of the World Trade Towers, it is my belief that there is a mountain of evidence that argues against this supposed ‘grand-daddy’ of conspiracies. Where is the list of U.S. senators and representatives who took part in this conspiracy? Or were they all involved? Or was it just the wicked Bush administration? If only a narrow subset of the government took part in this plot, is it plausible that the rest of the majority could be that hoodwinked, especially in light of the mass preparations and coordination that would be needed to carry out a plot like this? Did Democrat and Republican leaders put aside their differences for the common cause of raining down death and fire on America’s cities? Did they really think taking down some of the tallest sky scrapers in America, including towers that were epicenters of economic trade, would be a good way to make money because they could then invade Iraq? Or are we supposed to believe that the 1+ trillion price tag to date of the Iraq war has somehow helped the American economy?

And yet some of the leaders of this movement (e.g. Alex Jones) have a ready answer to this point: Yes, all of this would have been a crazy way to try and make money, but the real reason those in government perpetrated this crime was so they could depose America and usher in a new world order. But are the senators and representatives in your state and region actually conspiring to destroy America? And are they so motivated to do this that they would sponsor terrorist attacks against the land of their birth? To this suggestion, we do well to consider the words of Jesus: “[Matthew 12:24] But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, "It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons." 25 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?

A lot more could be said at this point with regard to some of these bigger questions, but this site is only intended to address the topic of the collapse of the World Trade Towers. Hopefully the presentation of this evidence will help us all to understand those events better.


  1. NIST Answers How WTC 7 Fell * (or see the Fuller Report)


    This article gives a rare, two sentence answer, which I’ve interspersed with some more explanations:

    “The heat from the uncontrolled fires caused steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand [NP: this “thermal expansion” was an exposed weakness of the construction or materials], leading to a chain of events that caused a key structural column to fail [NP: this was the second majorly exposed weakness, an Achilles heel apparently for this building (see below)]. The failure of this structural column then initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse [NP: this one column’s collapse triggered two adjacent columns to collapse, which left the entire East side of the building without any interior support, so the dominoes toppled thereafter] of the entire building.”

    Diagram 1 -- Typical WTC 7 floor showing locations of columns (numbered). The buckling of Column 79 was the initiating event that led to the collapse of WTC 7. The buckling resulted from fire-induced damage to floors around column 79, failure of the girder between Columns 79 and 44, and cascading floor failures.

    Was the collapse of WTC 7 a unique and unexpected event? Yes. But man-made structures have been failing expectations since the Tower of Babel. There were indeed a couple of weaknesses in the structure of WTC 7 that were exposed by its collapse. The uncontrolled fires exposed the susceptibility of this building (and others like it, such as those with “long-span floor systems,” see the section in this article: “What improvements to building safety [have been learned] ... ”) to thermal expansion. Secondly, it was found that there were key columns in this structure which, if they failed, would lead to a progressive collapse of the whole structure (which is certainly a design defect as stated below).

    Look at the diagram below at the left (East) side of the picture and locate support column 79, as well as columns 80 and 81 behind it (South of it). NIST’s conclusion is that the floor in the vicinity of that ‘loner’ column 79 collapsed at the 13th floor, and that this triggered a series of floor collapses below it down to the 5th floor. As NIST states: “This collapse of floors left Column 79 insufficiently supported in the east-west direction over nine stories. The unsupported Column 79 then buckled and triggered an upward progression of floor system failures that reached the building's east penthouse [at the top of the building].”

    This is not just some arbitrary description. Any casual viewing of the tower’s collapse reveals that a major fault or ‘kink’ travelled all the way up the building, right in the vicinity of column 79. Progressive collapse events continued from that point on.

    "NIST studies have shown that because of the large floor areas, the failure of just one (key) column on any one of the lower floors would cause a vertical progression of collapse so that the entire section would come down. (NIST, S. Shyam Sunder lecture) This single-column’s failure initiating progressive collapse is a design defect noncompliant with the NYC codes. The buckling of two or more of these three key columns (79, 80, and 81) would have removed support for all columns directly above, putting all upper floors in immediate longspan suspension with eventual collapse. The breaking of the widows on the east side of the north face simultaneously with the buckling of the roof shed was evidence of this tension as the north wall was pulled and leaned in." (source)

  2. A Critical Analysis of the Collapse of WTC Towers 1, 2 & 7 from an Explosives and Conventional Demolition Industry Viewpoint

    This is one of the most important articles to read. It deals with nine assertions that claim evidence for the use of controlled demolitions in the collapse of the three WTC towers on September 11.  The author Brent Blanchard is the “Senior Editor for Implosionworld.com (http://www.implosionworld.com/) and Director of Field Operations at Protec Documentation Services, Inc. (www.protectservices.com)."  Protec is according to their report one of the largest and / or most experienced explosive demolition companies in the world, and they furthermore actually had teams working in Manhattan and Brooklyn on 9/11 with their own independent field seismographs running all through this day. 

  3. WTC 7 Collapses - The Full Video and also the Explosion Heard

    NIST illustration from page 31 of the below report.  See PDF page 26 of that report for an instructive "Failure Sequence Timeline" drawn obviously from this same footage.  The progressive nature of this collapse becomes quite evident.

    For once, you can witness the full collapse sequence of WTC 7. So often the critical few seconds before the global collapse are not shown, but it is in those critical few seconds that we can rightly witness the progressive nature of this building's collapse. Watch it carefully. At second 11 we here a 'boom,' and in no more than one second (but no less than 3/4 of a second) we see the penthouse on the roof form a kink, and then start to sink in to the point where it completely disappears.  According to NIST's reconstruction, at this point (after the penthouse sank out of view), the entire interior of the east quarter of the building had completely collapsed (the penthouse fell because everything under it fell). "The exterior facade on the east quarter of the building was just a hollow shell" (cited from the full report referenced above, page 22 (PDF page 64)).

    But what about that explosion sound? Though I am of course not qualified to give an engineer's answer, this seems to fit the NIST reconstruction nicely. Namely, floor 13 fell within the vicinity of Column 79; that collapse caused the progressive collapse of the floors below it on down to floor 5 (which was a much stronger floor, which is why it did not give). And thus we have significant portions of 8 floors collapsing -- is that not going to cause an explosion? This must be emphasized. Would not the objectors claim that the NIST proposed reconstruction is clearly bogus, if they were to claim that major portions of 8 floors collapsed, 8 FLOORS!, but that this didn't cause an explosion to be heard? The collapse of these floors was immediately followed by the buckling of column 79, which led to the collapse of columns 80 and 81 (this is the essense of a progressive collapse, where one dominoe's fall causes the next dominoe to fall, and so on). "The downward movement of Column 79 led to the observed kink in the east penthouse, and its subsequent descent" (NCSTAR 1A, p. 22).

  4. Mechanics of Progressive Collapse: Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions

    How do engineers think that the World Trade Towers collapsed? Here is the answer. The key point is that if just one floor collapsed, the massive weight of tens of stories above would utterly crush through everything below. Put in Clintonite terms: “It’s gravity, stupid.”

    Review of Causes of the Collapse of the World Trade Towers

    "… Although the structural damage inflicted by aircraft was severe, it was only local. Without stripping of a significant portion of the steel insulation during impact, the subsequent fire would likely not have led to overall collapse (Bažant and Zhou 2002a; NIST 2005). As generally accepted by the community of specialists in structural mechanics and structural engineering (though not by a few outsiders claiming a conspiracy with planted explosives), the failure scenario was as follows:
    1. About 60% of the 60 columns of the impacted face of framed tube (and about 13% of the total of 287 columns) were severed, and many more were significantly deflected. This caused stress redistribution, which significantly increased the load of some columns, attaining or nearing the load capacity for some of them.
    2. Because a significant amount of steel insulation was stripped, many structural steel members heated up to 600°C, as confirmed by annealing studies of steel debris (NIST 2005) [the structural steel used loses about 20% of its yield strength already at 300°C, and about 85% at 600°C (NIST 2005); and exhibits significant viscoplasticity, or creep, above 450°C (e.g., Cottrell 1964, p. 299), especially in the columns ….]"

    From the abstract:

    WTC 7 on fire.

    "It is shown that progressive collapse will be triggered if the total (internal) energy loss during the crushing of one story (equal to the energy dissipated by the complete crushing and compaction of one story, minus the loss of gravity potential during the crushing of that story) exceeds the kinetic energy impacted to that story. Regardless of the load capacity of the columns, there is no way to deny the inevitability of progressive collapse driven by gravity alone if this criterion is satisfied (for the World Trade Center it is satisfied with an order-of-magnitude margin). [“one order of magnitude” equals TEN times the required amount to make a condition true]

    See also the much earlier report: Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? An Early Engineers Account. The synopsis is this: If One Floor Goes, It All Goes!

  5. WTC 7 Damage

    Gives a good perspective on how extensive the damage really was on WTC7.

  6. NIST Answers Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Twin Towers (August, 2006)

    This article answers 14 frequently asked questions concerning the collapse of the Twin Towers. 

  7. Popular Mechanics 911 Report

    This is a good overview report by Popular Mechanics that covers some broader issues than just those concerning the towers.

  8. GREAT WTC7 Photos, extracted from Roberts WTC7 Lies

    Some good photos showing WTC7 damage photos. See the full Roberts paper below.

  9. New York Firemen 2001 Interviews , All thought WTC 7 Was In Bad Condition, Coming Down

    On the New York Times web site was posted a PDF file recording an interview, conducted only months after 9/11, with a certain Fire Chief (the initial link may have been found via Mark Roberts), but I quickly discovered that this file was one of hundreds of such official interviews that had been made with fire-fighters and other rescue responders in the months after 9/11. With some playing around, I was able to download an entire 407 such PDF interviews. The first is named: 9110100.PDF, and the last is named 9110511.PDF (all the rest are in numerical order … 9110111.PDF, 9110112.PDF etc.). These interviews are all titled: “WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW,” and they then give the name of the interviewee, such as: “DEPUTY CHIEF HOWARD HILL” (9110311.PDF), and then: “Interview Date: December 10, 2001.” This zip file contains a folder with all the (PDF format) interviews I found that talked of WTC7 (they always say something like 7 World Trade Center so it was easy to search on this). It is quite fascinating to see that the assessment of expert firefighters on this day was that they were expecting WTC7 to fall. As Chief of the Department Dan Nigro said (taken from a fuller excerpt below):

    It (WTC7) had very heavy fire on many floors and I ordered the evacuation of an area sufficient around to protect our members, so we had to give up some rescue operations that were going on at the time and back the people away far enough so that if 7 World Trade did collapse, we wouldn't lose any more people…

    The following extracts paint a vivid and dire picture concerning the fate of WTC 7, at least as the firemen assessed it.

    Many of the following represent more lengthy reports.

  10. Evidence of Controlled Deception_(PrtI)

    A 19 page article, has some good stuff. See especially pages 9 and 10 for coverage (with photos) of those supposed ‘proofs’ of thermite use: the sliced beams at an angle in the wreckage of the towers.

  11. Silverstein (No, He did not make a fortune)

    This claim just goes to show that few in the 9/11 conspiracy movement are even being honest with themselves. If they were, they wouldn’t repeat claims (which sound pretty bad at first hearing) that are so misleading: E.g. Silverstein made "a hefty windfall of profit” from the events of 9/11," supplying an obvious motive for ‘rigging’ the event. Certain anarchists in this movement treat this poor man with utter contempt, which is an injustice. But read this article to see why “poor” may be a word that can apply to Silverstein in more than one way.

  12. “Pullit” Comment Exclamation Explained

    Explanations for the supposed “slip” made by Silverstein in saying “And they made that decision to pull….” But this has already been covered in a better way by the demolition experts themselves in the previous article ("Critical Analysis").

  13. WTC7 Lies: Mark Roberts Counters Truthers

    Mark Roberts has frequently gone to Ground Zero and debated the conspiracy claims, including encountering some of the heads of the movement – like Alex Jones and Jason Bermas. This 137 page paper can be a lot of fun. Just scroll through, but I’d recommend going to pages 17 and 27. Below is an excerpt that appears on page 28 just to give you a feel for it, as well as to introduce you to the “good manners” of Alex Jones.  See also some substantial data in this report as well - for instance page 47 concerning firefighter accounts with regard to the condition of WTC 7.

    Go to minutes 26:30 - 48:40, and note also a part in the middle of this time slot where a gal named “Abby Scott” debates with Bermas.
    Mark Roberts (left) argues with Alex Jones.

    From Roberts, page 28:

    The author [Mark Roberts] having words with conspiracist Alex Jones at Ground Zero. Watch Jones accuse the FDNY of following orders to pull back so that building 7 can be “blown,” then watch him rant, cheerlead, move goalposts, and otherwise jump through hoops to avoid answering simple questions about that topic, from 26:30 to 48:40 in the video: http://tinyurl.com/onbrq http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8820426888499996890 ). This section also features The Jason Bermas/Abby Scott conversation noted above. It’s worth watching the segment immediately following, in which a “Truther” displays his total ignorance of why the towers collapsed. Keep in mind that this video was shot by, and is promoted by, leading members of the “9/11 Truth Movement!”

    We’ll pick up the video at 28:33. It’s Jones and me.

    AJ I’ve only seen a little bit of your work, but I’m just gonna tell you this: we’re not gonna be defeated, we’re gonna stop government-sponsored terror!

    MR You can talk all you want. That doesn’t make it true.

    AJ We’re gonna defeat government-sponsored terror!

    MR Facts are what make something true.


    MR Oh, really? Ha-ha. That’s funny. Where’s your evidence?

    AJ Oh, massive evidence! We have total evidence!

    MR Why did they evacuate the area three hours beforehand?

    AJ Larry Silverstein says he pulled the building.

    Reminder: Alex Jones a major 9/11 “Truth Movement” leader, and he claims to have been investigating these matters since 2001.

    MR No. No, Larry Silverstein says they decided to pull. They. (pointing to the fire trucks parked down the block) Are they in on it?


    MR They evacuated the area, and he said they decided to pull. . . .

  14. An Excellent Earlier Report by NIST on the WTC7 Collapse

    Although this report was put out a few years earlier than the final report, it nonetheless contains a LOT of valuable info, largely through the highly instructive photographs. You will not get a lot of this information in the final report posted above, so do consider scrolling through it.

  15. NIST's Final Report on the Collapse of the Twin Towers

    298 pages may seem like a beastly amount of material, but it is made up of so many pictures, you may think of it like flipping through a photo album.

  16. 911 Commission Report Executive Summary

    The 34 page summary of the 911 commission report

  17. 911 Commission Report

    The full 585 page 911 Commission Report.